All About Ash

By day, Ashley is a physiotherapist working in various Aged Care facilities
in Melbourne.By night, he goes to bed and falls asleep. (He's always been
one for the exciting double life).

A theatre veteran, Ashley made his humble beginnings by performing improvised comedy theatre at Melbourne University (with "Off the Cuff"). He remained with
"Off the Cuff" for four years (2006- 2009); by which stage he was no longer
humble in any way.

He first became involved with amateur theatre in 2008; after landing his first lead role (in "Cosi", playing a mental patient named Roy). This role proved to be somewhat of a breakthrough; and Ashley soon established a name for himself as a talented character actor on Melbourne's theatre circuit. Ashley wishes to state that the fact that he managed to deliver such a convincing performance playing an insane lunatic is completely coincidental.

Since then, he has been lucky enough to play several fun and challenging roles
on the stage in Melbourne, including:

• Melchior in "Spring Awakening";
• Curly in "Oklahoma" (for which he curled his hair);
• The Poet in "Kismet" (for which he wore a fake beard);
• Sir Robin in "Monty Python's Spamalot" (for which he wore a blonde bob);
• Lawrence in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (for which his appearance was unaltered); and
• The drunk and disorderly Father O'Shea in "Dimboola" (also coincidental).

Ashley was nominated for a Victorian Drama League Award (Best Actor in a Comedy) when he depicted Garry Lejeune/Roger Tramplemain in "Noises Off" in 2010; in which he fell down a flight of stairs during every performance.

Not accidentally. I mean, it was on purpose. It was actually part of the show. I swear he did NOT trip over the same part of the stage, absent-mindedly, six nights in a row, without meaning to. That would be silly.

Although, I wouldn't put it past him.

Ashley also found himself performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2009 in "Coming Soon...The End", with his performance receiving widespread critical acclaim. Actually, to be honest, it was only one review. Online. Arts Hub. But he certainly spread it far and wide at the time. Spread it very thin if you ask me.

In 2010, Ashley also began work as a freelance performer; and to this day he continues to travel all around Melbourne providing top-shelf entertainment. Kids' parties; murder mystery parties; trivia nights; cabaret shows; aged care entertainment; spruiking; DJ work; hosting karaoke nights; and he has also often played the MC at weddings and corporate functions (and indeed informal ones).

In 2011, Ashley discovered a zest for TV presenting when he was selected to host "Melbourne 22"; a weekly chat show televised on Melbourne's Channel 31. Shortly after this show began, his unique humour and presentation style also landed him
a role as a comedic presenter on "Planet UnEarth"; a live variety program broadcast weekly on Foxtel's Aurora channel. Since then, Ashley's love for TV presenting
has continued to grow.


Flatteringly enough, the ratings of "Melbourne 22" more than doubled during its
22-episode season. Ashley chooses to believe this was because the viewers
just loved his quirky and charming presentation style.

However, looking back, it may have also had something to do with the fact that Masterchef finished halfway through the season. (The show itself was pretty
good, too. Thanks M22!)

In 2012; after two seasons of "Planet UnEarth"; Ashley is now hosting the brand new online series "Chowdown": a program dedicated to discovering the best unknown restaurants in Melbourne. (So he now gets paid to eat things. It's any man's dream) Unlike Masterchef, however, Ashley is determined to use as few cheesy puns as possible during the course of the series. Plus, you will never catch him dead
wearing a cravate.

Ashley is also currently writing, producing and hosting his own online comedy series: "The ASH Tag" - a unique and hilarious "Ash-ish" look at the news and current affairs of the week. Brand new episodes are released every Thursday; and it thrills Ashley to see the series continuing to grow in popularity each week.

To this day, Ashley continues to work as an aged care physiotherapist; as well
as taking on weekly freelance work. When he isn't working or rehearsing in some capacity, he loves a good trivia night; and also enjoys games nights, watching movies, singing and long-distance running. (Not at the same time.)

He is eternally grateful to his family and friends (who have been unspeakably awesome in their support) and hopes that everyone can continue to get a few
laughs out of his work.

(Well, even if you don't, I guess I'm amusing myself. Which makes me happy)

This is the part where I can reveal that it has in fact been me who has been writing the above biography. (Me being Ashley. In case you couldn't tell). Apologies if this has all been a bit self-indulgent. And by "self"; I mean "Ashley". (Because that's who I am.
I am Ashley). This means that I have in fact been referring to myself (Ashley) in the third person. Not to mention pretending that I'm somebody else in order to make my (Ashley's) opinion of myself (Ashley's self) seem more credible and valid (valid).

Well. What a note to end this on. Probably should have quit while I was ahead. Like that "spreading it thin" joke! Ahhh, yes, that was a good one. I'm quite proud of that.

Anyway, that'll do. I think I'm embarrassing myself now.

Thanks for visiting the site :-)

All the best,

Ashley (me)